In Rondizzoni, my neighborhood in Santiago, Rockdizzoni was the first event made for all the indie bands and musicians from the area to perform live. An idea that was flying in our endless conversations with my close friends and that came alive with the help from every band I knew.  This video shows the second time we did Rockdizzoni, it was set in an occupied house in the neighborhood, a magic place full of history, an old abandoned bakery that used to supply with fresh bread every morning and it’s fragance could be felt from a block away. Nowadays as you walk in, two huge rusty ovens made out of bricks and a little steel door that says 1935 print welcomes you to this undiscovered museum. It’s used as a shelter for souls that believe in a better future. Anyway, thanks to my buddies from there for let us do this show. From the old bakery I used to go with my dad. Pure rock n roll ctm!.

Some hard work is not bad once in a while some say.

Video made by Macarena Carreno and her crew: , Flyer designed by my buddy Rodrigo Veliz:!/profile.php?id=100000315591904 , Thanks so much to them.