A few weeks that I borrowed the first Cajon I’ve ever played.  Originally from Peru, it’s an amazing percussion instrument that looks very simple in design, because it’s just a wooden box with wires BUT, Handcrafters have developed it for centuries and the type of wood, dimensions, etc. are critical to get that warmth of the lows that makes your heart agitate faster and  the sharp tightness of the edge that feels like a slap in the ears. All these love in a little box that looks like a piece of furniture for some ignorant that doesn’t know it! although that was kind of the idea back in XIX c. as far as I know, the firsts african perouvians weren’t allowed to play any type of drum, but because music is unstoppable, specially when people is trying to speak up, they started using this box as an intrument to accompany their meetings.

How could we talk about the cajon without mentioning Mr. Alex Acuna, one of the bests percussion players in the earth, and a wonderful human being too. Born and raised in Pativilca, Perú . At the age of 18 he went to Puerto Rico. He has tought me a lot. His credits go on and on and nowadays he travels the world showing to people the beauty of latin music and sharing the sound of cajon across borders.